Book Review - To Live is Christ by Bo Giertz

To Live with Christ

Bo Giertz is the Swedish C.S.Lewis (started as an atheist and became an influential Christian writer, preacher and leader in the Twentieth Century)

He wrote these devotions for people who, like himself, didn’t have a background in Christianity. He wrote,

I myself once began with a clean slate, not knowing much at all about Christianity. It was the beginning of a long life of continuous exploration. I have written this book in the hope that it will help some reader follow the same path. He will not regret it.

The devotions are simple, yet not simplistic or written like a textbook. Each devotion brings you to Jesus. The prayers are so personal, too.

If you grew up in a religion that had a church year, you’ll find the familiar rhythm of Advent, Christmas, etc. However, the devotions are not tied to any schedule of lessons used in church. Thus every reader travels the year with a fresh and refreshing series of thoughts on the life and work of Jesus and how it relates to us.

To Live with Christ

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Author: Bo Giertz
835 pages

Reviewed by: James Behringer on January 11, 2022